About Alyce

Alyce chooses personalized gifts for prospects, customers, and employees & tells you when to send them to drive ROI. Connect with the tools you already use to acquire, retain and grow your best business relationships with Alyce's 1:1 engagement gifting platform.

Our Mission:

Our team comes from the corporate world and have witnessed an endless number of "gifts" get thrown out or go unused. Unfortunately, we learned this happens a lot! Although we know gifts are sent with thought, most are generic and don't convey that message, going unremembered. We at Alyce see a huge opportunity to change this process and provide a platform for giving thoughtful and useful gifts each person will love. Equally as important, we aim to help businesses with similar missions gain exposure and allow people to give back to causes they care about.

We are here to shake things up. To start being remembered. Join us.

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